Top 5 Reasons to Kill Your File Share

Summary: File shares that become dumping grounds for data are bogging down your business. However, traditional cost-based arguments for better information governance often give way to other priorities. Here are 5 fresh, compelling reasons  for killing your company’s file share, now. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Start a Kill Your File Share initiative in the next 30 […]

Ready to Engage with GDPR?

Have you been mandated to “do something about GDPR?” It seems like everyone is jumping on the GDPR (General Data Protection) bandwagon lately. It’s happened before in our market and, really, it happens all the time. GDPR is the latest example in a long line of “shiny objects,” the latest buzzworthy trends that capture market […]

Discovery Center R4.4 Brings OpenText Content Server and Google Drive

Powered by our technology partner SeeUnity, we’ve made some big changes to Discovery Center for Release 4.4. This update adds OpenText Content Server and GoogleDrive for G-Suite to our growing list of connectors. Discovery Center Release 4.4 takes SeeUnity’s connector technology and closely integrates it with our connector framework to provide indexing, analysis and actions […]

Death to File Shares: Long-Live File Shares

Vendors selling into the information governance market might be forgiven for thinking that most organizations have simply pushed file share clean up to one side as they pursue other priorities. However, after a week spent with the MER Conference and CIGO Summit events, it’s clear that the story is in resurgence. The reasons are manifold […]

Intelligent Migration to GCDocs at ARMA NCR Ottawa

Today we ran a great workshop in partnership with Treasury Board Services of Canada and the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) to work through approaches to intelligent migration to the Government Canada Documents (GCDocs) repository (aka OpenText Content Server). The workshop was hosted by ARMA NCR in Ottawa and drew attendance from around 25 people from […]

Not If, But When You Get Hacked

The prominent and deeply experienced Russ Stalters has been around the business end of information for some time and has certainly seen a thing or two. But when I review his linkedin profile, the thing that always stands out for me is his senior role in the management of information during the response and restoration efforts for the Deepwater […]