Data-at-Rest: The Challenge

Peter Baumann, Active Navigation’s CEO, provides a succinct summary of why companies should be concerned about their “data-at-rest.”

Defensible disposition

Legal expert Dyann Heward-Mills explains “defensible deletion” (also called “defensible disposition”)—what it means and why it’s important.

Technology round-up

Rich Hale (CTO, Active Navigation) differentiates various technologies in the data privacy space.

Making the business case

How File Analysis technology can help to make a strong business case for the investment in tackling data-at-rest.

Prevention is better than cure!

Rich Hale (CTO, Active Navigation) outlines the engagement model for companies who invest in data discovery through File Analysis.

What keeps executives up at night?

We asked Dyann to tell us, based on her experience, what keeps her clients up at night in terms of data-related issues.

Risk mapping

Rich Hale explains how risk mapping helps companies identify key actions to take to remediate potential problems with data-at-rest.

The value of unique focus

Rich Hale explains how Active Navigation has been focused on File Analysis since the inception of the company—and how this benefits customers.

What do companies need to do?

Dyann Heward-Mills provides a high-level outline of the key challenges facing businesses now that GDPR is in effect.

Data privacy is a human right!

Dyann explains how the basis for consumer protection legislation lies in the concept of fundamental human rights.

Laws around the world

Beyond the GDPR in Europe, other jurisdictions around the world are developing their own laws around consumer protection.

What is a DPO?

Dyann explains the roles and responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Is it mandatory to appoint a DPO?

Dyann Heward-Mills explains when the appointment of a DPO is—and is not—mandated by the GDPR.

“Voluntary” appointment of DPO

If a company appoints a DPO on a voluntary basis, Dyann explains the obligations that apply.


Dyann Heward-Mills discusses issues specifically relating to data-at-rest and the challenges around data privacy.

The “right to be forgotten”

What is the “right to be forgotten” and how will it impact consumers and companies?

“Subject Access Requests”

Key to the GDPR are “Subject Access Requests”. Dyann Heward-Mills explains what these are and how companies need to respond.

Not just compliance—opportunity!

Dyann Heward-Mills suggests that companies need to think not just in terms of compliance—but in terms of opportunities that good governance presents.

Where should a company start?

Dyann outlines where she believes a company needs to start in its journey towards compliance with the GDPR.

Active Navigation’s engagement model

Rich Hale (CTO, Active Navigation) outlines the engagement model for companies who invest in data discovery through File Analysis.