We’re excited to announce the latest Discovery Center, Release 4.2.4, is now available. This release has focused on deeper analysis capabilities and in our next release we’ll introduce new reporting options that build on these capabilities. Whilst you’re waiting, Release 4.2.4 allows you can take advantage the new analytics. Active Navigation Discovery Center 4.2.4 includes:

  • New keyword and phrase extraction capability with synonym support.
  • Multi-value fields to improve the scope of metadata extraction and sensitive data identification.
  • Scoring for calculated fields to enable you to pinpoint high value or high risk files more quickly.
  • Improved indexing options for better management of large file analysis.

These powerful new capabilities will make a real difference to sensitive data audit and migration projects for customers and partners alike. We will now be moving on to some new reporting improvements to deliver exiting new visualizations around Christmas or the New Year.

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