Innovative government agencies use Active Navigation’s Discovery Center™ to get their end users from manually managing their data and into automating their information governance lifecycle across all their data repositories

Active Navigation gives government agencies access to the most cutting-edge technology for:

  • Records Management & M-12-18 compliance
  • SSN reduction act & privacy screening
  • Cyber hygiene & post breach discovery
  • Data storage clean-up & reduction

Information Governance/Records Management Capabilities

M-12-18 compliance:  Where does your federal agency stand?

Memorandum M-12-18

Managing Government Records Directive, from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) requires federal agencies to eliminate paper and use electronic record keeping “to the fullest extent possible” by December, 2019.

Beyond e-mail correspondence, M-12-18 mandates the permanent electronic management of records such as Microsoft Word documents, Portable Document Format (PDFs), traditional SMS texts, encrypted communications, messaging apps and even direct messages on social media platforms.

Despite still having time until the Directive’s final compliance deadline, federal agencies have their work cut out for them.  Where does your agency stand?

At the Starting Line

Using scanning technology to merely digitize documents is not enough. A recent article in the Bulletin for Information Science and Technology labeled the content services (CS) system as “the cornerstone of a modern records management program” when it comes to compliance with the Directive. A CS system, such as Microsoft SharePoint, allows users to capture information, as well as manage access to specific documents and records.

Complete the Circuit

Federal agencies that have already moved their documents to digital content services must ensure they see the process through to the end. A comprehensive document retention and disposition policy is a critical book-end to digital CS and should include the storing, tagging, retrieving and disposition of data.

Once these policies are documented, agencies can work within their solution to build those policies into the system and in some cases, automate them. For agencies whose solution does not have built-in policies, or if your agency needs a more robust solution to policy management, Discover Center from Active Navigation integrates seamlessly.

The Finish line

Having a plan in place to meet the 2019 M-12-18 deadline is a must for federal agencies. Measures taken today should go beyond just complying with the mandate. Proactive companies should also look towards an increasingly digital future to ensure secure and efficient access to official documents going forward.

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