An Oxymoron? “Small Data’s” Big Role in Data Minimization

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind – there has been an explosion in the volume, velocity, and variety of data created in the past decade. However, what IS causing uncertainty is striking the balance between keeping data for value extraction and deleting it for risk mitigation. 

Relativity and The Coalition of Technical Resources for Lawyers (CTRL) conducted a study on how organizations are handling – and potentially minimizing — their data. To effectively govern unstructured data, many organizations are turning to data mapping and remediation. After all, how can you protect and secure what you don’t know you have?

Tune in as legal experts discuss:

  • How to strike balance between data minimization and regulatory developments
  • Why minimizing the sensitive and personal data should play a key role in your risk management strategies
  • The risks and rewards of deleting data

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