Proven market-leading file analysis software for content discovery, compliance, tagging and ongoing governance

Take consistent and repeatable actions across file shares, SharePoint, Exchange and other connected repositories.

Discovery Center is a File Analysis Platform developed specifically for information governance. It delivers capabilities unavailable in e-discovery and storage management software:

Reporting across 100s of millions of files in place,

  • De-duplication across repositories to address leaked records
  • Hierarchical classification to match business taxonomies
  • Re-organizing content
  • Writing complex metadata to files in place in platforms such as SharePoint

Discovery Center includes integrated bolt-on modules and pre-configured rules designed for your specific objectives.

Each Discovery Center instance is a single software installation – not collection of applications – proven across global commercial and government clients and certified for use in military classified environments.

Discovery Center in action

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Discovery Center

  • Index and manage content in place across any connected repository
  • Manage customizable metadata schemas
  • Visualize and explore content at scale
  • Activity history and auditing
  • Business classification and policy design
  • Installs on Microsoft stack in physical or virtual environment
  • Large scale with low footprint, 1 terabyte to 100s
  • Certified for the Azure Marketplace
  • Low network impact

Delete and Quarantine

  • Defensibly delete or quarantine based upon any classification or analysis results
  • Apply across any connected repository
  • Track and audit disposal decisions for defensibility
  • Apply to just one or millions of files

Tag and Organize

  • Rule-driven extraction of properties and metadata attributes
  • Analysis, validation and capture of key patterns from path, name or text content
  • Hierarchical classification for mapping to taxonomies, file plans and other information structures
  • Re-organization and tagging of content for migration or in place for on-going governance

Text Content Analysis

  • Text content analysis and processing
  • Value extraction for tagging and classification
  • Patterns, keywords, proximity, statistical text thematics, summarization
  • Smart and conditional analysis for performance at scale


  • Bi-directional connectors for consistent discovery and action
  • Close integration with repository metadata
  • CIFS, SharePoint, Office365, Exchange, Cloud Storage Gateways, OpenText Content Server, EMC Documentum, Alfresco One, HP Records Manager, Objective, RSD Glass

Discovery Center in action

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